Committed to helping others recover their freedom from addictive behaviors.     

I know for sure that we all have unlimited potential and the ability to truly heal. At age 22, I overcame uterine cancer though holistic medicine and began my Buddhist practice. I no sooner beat the cancer and my back started screaming in pain that persisted for over twenty years. On my journey, I got introduced to opioids and finally found relief from physical and emotional pain. My daily intake of opioids expanded in both quantity and strength over ten years. In 2011 I gained my freedom from opioids, by creating my own holistic treatment.  I also found solutions to depression and anxiety through yoga, nutrition and Buddhist practice. I am dedicated to helping others become healthy and happy.


I am an experienced designer, developer and deliverer of educational programming in the areas of wellness and recovery. As an independent holistic health consultant, for over 20 years, my work took me to major motion picture film sets, television commercial shoots, and inside local companies. I traveled to the rainforests of Belize to learn ancient Mayan traditions of healing and created a practice working with women’s reproductive health. I was a leading researcher at the University of Minnesota conducting pioneering research on tobacco use for preventative programs.


Educational Details
Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor
Mayo Certified Wellness Coach
MN Recovery Connection Certified Recovery Coach
BA, Hamline University