Inadequate, defeated, insecure, and hopeless. These are the feelings that weighed on me walking into treatment for the first time in my life. As if the detest I felt for myself wasn’t enough, I was also terrified. Nothing scares an opiate addict like withdrawal, and coupled with the thought of giving up what had been my only relief from life, I wasn’t particularly thrilled to be there. That evening, we gathered for an opiate support group, led by Kristine. The warmth, understanding, and genuine interest that Kristine showed for me that evening, gave me the hope and courage to move forward, making me feel a little less alone.

In the days, weeks, and now years following, I’ve continued to value the guidance, wisdom and support that I’ve received from Kristine. What she offered was a truly unbiased, multidimensional approach to my recovery. Her experience and wisdom brought me comfort in a time of need. She was there when I needed to vent, but she was also there to ask the tough questions when I needed to take a deeper look at myself. What I recall most is the way she made me feel valued. My story and feelings mattered, and she helped me sort those feelings out. Not only does she have great knowledge and wisdom about recovery, she listens, and understands! I truly don’t know where my recovery would be without her. Since day one, I’ve felt nothing but positive regard from Kristine. Thank you! 

— Brent

Kristine was my recovery coach for about nine months. When I got out of treatment we began meeting once a week. The main thing that attracted me to Kristine was that she works a program that is not centered on the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous. I think there are a lot of people who don’t buy into a 12 step program, or find them overwhelming, or think they are part of a larger picture. Kristine helped me immensely in understanding how important diet is in mental health. She recommended a book that helped me pick out amino acid supplements that helped to regulate my brain chemistry without the use of prescription antidepressants.

The part of our coaching I valued most was the objective view she brought to conflicts in my life and how I approached them. I often found myself a bit irritated when she told me “how it was” and not just what I wanted to hear. Through our coaching I can honestly say that I grew more in my recovery than I had in my previous two attempts combined. The habits I picked up and the things I learned, I carry with me today. Kristine has been a remarkable part of my life, a true blessing, and I am grateful I can call her my friend. No one in my life has brought more to my recovery or helped me grow more on a personal basis. 

— C. R. 

Kristine’s personal integrity and her compassion for others is at the highest level that I have personally ever witnessed.  I recommend Kristine because of her commitment and passion. If you are looking for a results oriented individual committed to helping those struggling with addiction I believe Kristine offers a great set of skills in a dedicated package.

— Steve Craney, President RiverSide Electronics

One of the aspects I have treasured regarding Kristine is that she has a holistic approach to recovery.  She has a plethora of information on how to remain sober and manage pain without the use of pharmaceuticals.  Though she is not opposed to pharmaceuticals she has an alternate approach for those whom pharmaceuticals do not work or those who have an aversion to them.  

Another aspect I respect and admire regarding Kristine is her undying compassion.  Where some of us “give up” or lose hope, she has a determination to understand and help those who suffer so greatly.  She has hope and believes the best of those she serves. Kristine lives and breathes recovery and living life to the fullest.  She is an example to those who feel they have lost their way and have no hope.

— Lisa A. Logelin, MA LPCC


Kristine has a unique ability to connect with clients in a compassionate meaningful way that creates a sense of safety regardless of their age, race, or sex. Repeatedly clients commented on how grateful they were to work with her. Kristine displays amazing listening skills and gives meaningful insightful feedback to clients with true curiosity, patience and humor.    

— Mark R. LADC