Is there a behavior or a way of thinking that you continue and it yields negative consequences, but you keep doing it? 

Perhaps your morning coffee, accompanied by fruit juice and granola leaves you feeling tired a few hours later. Or your weight starts to increase over months. You think you’re eating healthy but in truth you’re feeding a sugar addiction. For most, sugar is our first addiction. And we don’t realize all the foods that turn to sugar, like pastas and breads. Sugar wreaks havoc on mind and body.

Or what about procrastination? How often do we say, “I’ll do it later or I’ll start tomorrow.” And later and tomorrow turn into your life.  A life of unfulfilled dreams and desires that can lead to frustration and regrets. Procrastination, if repeated every day, leads to negative consequences. We don’t often think of it as addiction, but it has the right components.

The truth is that most of us will struggle with addiction of some sort in our lives or love someone who does. Coaching invites wellness and recovery.