Broken Beauty: Healing the Cracks in Our Lives ~ A Kintsugi Workshop

There are cracks in all our lives: trauma, suffering, illness, addiction, failure, loss. . . Pain breaks us open. Our wounds invite healing.

During this workshop we will use the 15th century Japanese art form, Kintsugi, to transform what was into what can be. In Kintsugi, broken pottery, when repaired with gold-laced epoxy, becomes exquisite – its cracks, the source of beauty.  Drawing from this ancient art form we will honor our imperfections and fill our wounds with gold – transforming dark into light, pain into possibility, broken into beauty. 

Kintsugi addresses the right brain recovery process: Appreciating the beauty in accepting and celebrating the cracks in a created product and ourselves. This can guide forward progress in recovery by eliminating shame and creating hope. 

Workshop is two hours and materials are provided.

Contact Kristine at for further information & booking.